Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Systems


Direction of Research:

Perform theoretical research and application technology on key factors such as efficiency, safety and environmental protection of transportation, logistic, and industrial systems under systems thinking, optimization, intelligent instruments, and big data technology. Our research concentrates on transportation, logistics, supply chain, big data, social network, and new energy applications. Research topics include transportation management, intelligent vehicle-infrastructure cooperation system and autonomous vehicles, supply chain management and operations management, emergency response, green technologies and sustainability topics. The research methodologies include optimization, mathematical modeling, simulation, data analytics, and network analysis. Being an interdisciplinary team of scientists and professionals, Lab 1D commits to collaborate closely with the industry, discover innovations, solve challenging academic and application problems, and develop new technologies and products.

Focus on:

Big-Data Analytics and Applications; Agent-based Simulation and Applications; Supply Chain Management and Operations Management; Connected and Autonomous Vehicles; Intelligent Transportation System Integration; Transportation System Planning and Optimization; Real-time Dynamic Traffic Management and Optimization Based on Large-scale Traffic data; High-accuracy and Low-cost Positioning Technologies; Automatic Detection and Analysis of Driving Behavior; EV (Electronic Vehicle) Infrastructure Optimization and EV-Sharing Research