• Developing global competence is a lifelong process which requires Tsinghua students to continuously explore six core competencies that cover cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects.
  • Tsinghua, an International University

    Tsinghua University is committed to educating the world's most talented students who are willing to make a difference worldwide, and promoting global competence as an integral component of its students' education. As the old Chinese saying goes: read a lot, travel more. Students at Tsinghua have ample study-abroad opportunities to obtain knowledge, conduct research, undertake internships, and participate in cultural activities outside of China. Meanwhile, Tsinghua has made significant strides in bringing the world to its campus by offering a wide range of study-at-home opportunities with a global emphasis. These include liberal arts and language courses, degree programs and courses taught in English, lectures, international forums, cultural exchanges, and professional association activities. Tsinghua is also a leading Chinese institution for international students, with more than 2600 in degree programs and almost 1000 in exchange and professional training programs, representing over 120 countries. Daily interaction among local students and international students fosters cultural understanding right on campus. Keep an open mind, and embrace every opportunity to prepare for the world!

Education Resources

Academic Research and Exchange

  • Academic Research:
    Support students to conduct academic research and exchange at overseas high-level universities, such as Breaking the World programs for undergraduates, summer lab projects, short-term overseas study tours for graduate students, and state public projects.
  • International Conferences:
    Through Doctoral Students attending international conference funds and International Conference Support Program, we provide funding for graduates to go abroad to participate in high-level international conferences, expand academic horizons and enhance academic exchanges.

Course Learning

  • Exchange Item:
    To closely combine the globalized education programs with the top creative talent training plan, a series of features programs, such as the distinguished freshmen overseas study program, the summer research program, and summer courses, have been developed, as well as further developing the student exchange programs.
  • Double Degree Program:
    Depth cooperation with overseas first-class universities, and adopted jointly formulated training programs and co-operation and guidance research to establish 43 double-degree joint research degree programs. Students meet the graduation requirements will get Tsinghua University and foreign school degrees.
  • Short Courses:
    Overseas cooperative colleges and universities provide a wide range of short-term programs such as summer schools and winter camps to provide students with a flexible timetable and a wide range of overseas study opportunities.

Internship and Practice

  • International Competitions:
    Establish Tsinghua University International Major Event Fund to encourage and support students to actively participate in major international events, tap the potential for innovation, cultivate academic interest.
  • Cultural Activities:
    Through such activities as Tsinghua Global South Infiltration and Caravan, students are organized to conduct social research and cultural exchanges overseas so as to enhance their deep understanding of local society, history and culture.
  • Overseas Internship:
    Encourage and support students to participate in overseas internships, including internships in enterprises and internships with international organizations, actively study international rules and understand international affairs and global governance.
  • Overseas Practice:
    Create overseas practice classrooms and create more overseas practice opportunities for students. For example, the Silk Road Exploration Project set up by the One Belt and One Road has organized a number of practical teams to travel to Central Asia and East Africa.