Internet of Things and Societal Cyber Physical Systems


Direction of Research:

To do the research on the cutting-edge theory and algorithm in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the core technologies of intelligent sensor network systems, sensory data platforms and analytics, robotics sensing and human interfacing and cooperating; to establish a big sensory data Industry-University-Research alliance that focuses on behavior recognition, medical consultation, environmental detection and early warning, energy analysis and prediction in the fields of smart city, smart building, intelligent environment and intelligent medical system; to standardize the sensory data acquisition, transmission, access and processing and serve as a specification provider.

Focus on:

Core technologies of smart home and flexible wearable devices; Key technologies of sensory data storage and computing; IoT demonstration system for smart cities; Energy harvesting for IoT; Cutting-edge theory and algorithm in artificial intelligence and machine learning; Robotics sensing, human interfacing and cooperating