Direction of Research:

With the rapid development of modern science and technology as well as the miniaturization of electronic devices, we begin to enter the post-Moore era. Towards the internet of everything (IoE) in coming future, we need to overcome the global challenges on the need of broad bandwidth, compact, low power consumption,low cost and functional photonic devices. Photonic Integration technology will play its unique role with the intrinsic advantages of light, to support the further development of future information technology, and opens up a new chapter for us. Based on this, the main research goal of Nano-Devices Laboratory is to investigate the novel optoelectronic effects in micro/nano photonic structures, and to study the core technology of our fabricated photonic devices for sensing and communications applications.

Focus on:

Novel photonic integrated chips; Wearable optoelectronic devices and systems;Novel 3D Sensing systems, including LiDAR, OCT, spectrometer applications;Nano-devices enabled visible light communications & short reach high speed optical interconnects