Smart Grid and Renewable Energy


Direction of Research:

Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Lab aims at a more intelligent, secure and optimal power system operation and provides fundamental mathematical theory and algorithms. The lab also focuses on planning and operation for Energy Internet and Integrated Energy System (IES), including planning and operation of Transmission/Distribution/Microgrid/IES, development of IEMS (Integrated Energy Management System), application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology etc. In addition, the lab is developing transmission and distribution automatic inspection technology based on online smart devices and expert system, as well as high-voltage external insulation testing & monitoring.

Focus on:

Renewable Energy Technologies and Accommodation; Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Power System; Smart Micro-grid System; Energy Internet; Multi-Energy Utilization and Optimal Dispatch Technology; Multi-Energy Market and Economy; Active distribution network planning and optimal operation; Cyber Physical Power Systems