Research and Technique Licensing Director


Job Description:

Location: Shenzhen, China

Salary: 200,000 - 300,000

Hours: Full-time

Contract: Fixed (2 years)


The Research and Technique LicensingDirector is responsible for the management of research activities andtechnology transfer of TBSI.

Reports to: The Director andAssociate-Director of TBSI

Responsible for: Research and TechniqueLicensing Office Staff, Research Center and Lab Technique Staff.

Key relationships:

Internal: Co-directors of TBSI ResearchCenters, Research Office Employees, Treasurer, Research Center and LabDirectors.

External: Funders and other supporters(including local governments, companies, organizations, grant-making trusts andfoundations), Tsinghua and UC Berkeley TLO, Contractors and other externalagencies.

Key Objectives:

1. Assists the TBSI directors to establishthe research supporting system and IPR policy;

2. Oversees the research, IntellectualProperty Rights (IPR) generation, transfer and licensing activities of TBSI;

3. Assists the TBSI directors and researchPrinciple Investors (PIs) in the research space planning;

4. Supervises the remodeling and decorationof the laboratories;

5. Acts as the research administrator forresearch projects;

6. Oversees the research budgeting; pre-and post-award administration;

7. Liaises with TBSI faculty andresearchers to identify new Intellectual Properties, and generate IPRs in formsof Patents, Copyrights, etc.

8. Administrates the process of theTechnology transfer and licensing to achieve the annual financial goal.


Specifically Desirable Experience andKnowledge for the Position:

Possession of a degree in law (preferablefrom the U.S.) with the specialties in IP law practice.

Experiencein leading the IPR departments of multinational enterprises.