• Co-Director Zheng Ouyang

    清华-伯克利深圳学院(TBSI)是由中美两所顶尖高校携手创建的交叉型工科人才培养基地和转化型科研基地。当前世界高等教育正面临诸多挑战:如何化解知识爆炸、学科过度细分对创新型人才培养的制约?如何应对全球化进程对人才国际胜任力不断提高的要求?大学如何克服知识粘滞,使成果尽快转化为价值?这些都等待教育界通过实践来进行解答。TBSI 对接清华大学和伯克利加州大学的世界一流师资,以及粤港澳、旧金山硅谷两大湾区的人才、信息、资本优势,以学科交叉、国际化培养、密切产业合为自身鲜明的办学特色,培养具有世界眼光的产业科学家和业界领导者,解决中国面临的世界级问题。

    TBSI 将逐渐成长为经济创新发展的发动机、高层次人才聚集的吸引子、新学术思想产生的策源地。

  • Co-Director Liwei Lin

    UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University have a long history of collaborations starting from extensive interactions between individual professors. Clearly, a more synergistic, transdisciplinary, and coherent effort is critical to enable concerted research initiatives to confront major societal and economic challenges in China and the United States, as well as those that are global in scale. As such TBSI is established with the vision to build a world-class partnership to fuel economic growth with accelerated innovation through transformative, transdisciplinary and translational research and education. We envision building a bridge across different disciplines, cultures and countries, academia and industry, and an unprecedented platform for international collaborations.