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1. Welcome Zhongyue Wang, Shengkai Chang join our group as PhD students.

2. Welcome Yunhao Zhang, Yumo Chen, Hefei Xi, Ran Tu, Tianhao Zhang join our group as master students.

A surprising discovery: Metal-catalyst-free growth of carbon nanotubes

A commentary article by Prof. Kostya S Novoselov, Nobel Laureate of Physics, et al

The cover of Small Structures

Morphology and surface chemistry engineering for HER catalysts at large current density

Giant magneto-birefringence effect and tuneable colouration of 2D crystal suspensions

Cloning growth of carbon nanotubes to solve nanotube chirality problem

Discovering new layer materials: black arsenic phosphorus (b-AsP)

Synthesizing new layer materials: black arsenic phosphorus (b-AsP)

The world’s first black arsenic-phosphorus transistor

Chirality-dependent reaction map of carbon nanotubes

Template growth of carbon nanotubes from molecular end caps

Narrow chirality distribution carbon nanotube synthesis

Nanotubes: growth and death

Monoalyer WSe2: Phase engineered patterning and devices

Screw-dislocation-driven growth of 2D materials

WSe2 2D crystal: aligned nucleation and growth

Schematic of a CVD set up

b-AsP: tunable bandgaps down to long wavelength IR

High-performance gas sensors using MoS2 transistor

Improving transistor performance of WSe2 FET via heating in air

In plane heterojunction of WSe2 and WO3-x