Jie Yao 姚杰


E-mail : yaojie@berkeley.edu

Tel & Fax : 510-643-0087


Stanford University Postdoctoral research, Materials Science and Engineering, 2010-2013.

University of California, Berkeley Ph. D., Applied Science & Technology, 2010.

University of Southern California M. S., Materials Science, 2005.

Nanjing University, China M. S., Biophysics, 2003. B. S., Biophysics, 2000


University of California, Berkeley

2013- present Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2015- present Faculty Scientist, Materials Sciences Division

Research fields:

Exploration of materials with extraordinary electromagnetic responses and their applications in fields such as plasmonics and metaphotonics;

Photonic devices enabled by dynamically tunable electronic materials and optical materials.


2016 Early Career Achievement Award (SPIE, the International Society of Optics and Photonics)

2016 National Science Foundation CAREER Award

2016 Bakar Fellow (Bakar Foundation)

2015 Hellman Faculty Fellowship (Hellman Foundation)


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