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Title: Associate Professor
Office: 3rd Floor in the J building, Tsinghua Campus, Shenzhen University Town.

Bilu Liu homepage(刘碧录老师课题组主页):

Bilu Liu is currently an Associate Professor and a Core-PI at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), Tsinghua University, China. He is also Associate Director of the Center 1 of TBSI, and Associate Director of Shenzhen Geim Graphene Center.

He received his bachelor's degree in Materials Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2006, and Ph.D degree in Materials Science from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS) in 2012. He worked in the University of Southern California (USC) as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and later Research Assistant Professor between 2012 and 2016. His research interests cover the chemistry and materials science of low-dimensional materials with emphasis on carbon nanostructures, two-dimensional materials, and their heterostructures. His work relates to the controlled preparation of these materials and their applications in electronic, optoelectronics, and electrocatalysis. He has published around 100 high quality SCI papers on these topics with >10,000 citations and an H-index of 45.

Liu's group research interest: Chemistry, materials sciences, and electronics of low-dimensional materials with an emphasis on carbon nanotubes, graphene, and two-dimensional semiconductors. Catalyst engineering for structure and chirality-controlled growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes; Carbon nanotube chirality analysis using optical spectroscopy and electron diffractions; Growth mechanism investigations of carbon nanotubes, graphene, 2D materials; Development of methodologies for hierarchical assembly of these novel materials into complex and functional systems, their property investigations, and applications in energy, electronics, optoelectronics, and sensing.

Ph. D. in Material Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2006-2012, Thesis advisor: Profs. Hui-Ming Cheng, Wencai Ren
B.S. in Material Chemistry, University of Science & Technology of China (USTC), 2002-2006

Professional Experience
2016- , Associate Professor, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), Tsinghua University
03/2016-05/2016, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
05/2012-02/2016, Postdoctoral Research Associate,& Research Associate, University of Southern California (USC), Postdoctor Advisor: Prof. Chongwu Zhou; Dr. Ming Zheng (NIST)

Published ~100 papers in prestigious journals with total citations >10,000 and H-index of 45.

Selected publications in TBSI
(1). Zhang, C.+; Tan, J. Y.+; Pan, Y. K.; Cai, X. K.; Zou, X. L.; Cheng, H. M.*; Liu, B. L.*, Mass Production of Two-Dimensional Materials by Intermediate-Assisted Grinding Exfoliation. National Science Review, 2020, 7, 324-332.
a)-Research Highlight by Prof. Kostya Novoselov (2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics).
“Grinding exfoliation for scalable production of 2D materials”, National Science Review, 2020, Accepted. See:
b)- Reported by the EurekAlert! (AAAS), Nanowerk, Physorg, etc.

(2). Cai, Z. Y.+; Lai, Y. J.+; Zhao, S. L.; Zhang, R. J.; Tan, J. Y.; Feng, S. M.; Zou, J. Y.; Tang, L.; Lin, J. H.; Liu, B. L.*; Cheng, H. M.*, Dissolution-Precipitation Growth of Uniform and Clean Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides. National Science Review, 2020, Accepted, xx (xx), xx.

(3). Zhang, C.+; Luo, Y. T.+; Tan, J. Y.; Yu, Q. M.; Yang, F. N.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Yang, L. S.; Cheng, H. M.; Liu, B. L.*, High-Throughput Production of Cheap Mineral-Based Two-Dimensional Electrocatalysts for High-Current-Density Hydrogen Evolution. Nature Communications, 2020, Accepted. xx (xx), xx.

(4). Ding, B. F.+; Kuang, W. J.+; Pan, Y. K.; Grigorieva, I. V.; Geim, A. K.*; Liu, B. L.*; Cheng, H. M.*, Giant magneto-birefringence effect and tuneable colouration of 2D crystal suspensions. Nature Communications, 2020, Accepted. xx (xx), xx.

(5). Liu, M. Q.+; Feng, S. M.+; Hou, Y.; Zhao, S. L.; Tang, L.; Liu, J. M.; Wang, F.; Liu, B. L.*, High Yield Growth and Doping of Black Phosphorus with Tunable Electronic Properties. Materials Today, 2020, 36, 91-101.

(6). Luo, Y. T.; Tang, L.; Khan, U.; Yu, Q. M.; Cheng, H. M.; Zou, X. L.*; Liu, B. L.*, Morphology and Surface Chemistry Engineering for pH-Universal Catalysts toward Hydrogen Evolution at Large Current Density, Nature Communications, 2019, 10, 269.
a)-Research Highlight by the journal Science Foundation in China (2019, 27, 1)
b)-Nature Communications, Editor’s choice. Reported by NSFC website, Tsinghua news, etc.

(7). Chen, S. H.; Xu, R. Z.; Liu, J. M.; Zou, X. L.; Qiu, L.; Kang, F. Y.; Liu, B. L.*; Cheng, H. M.*, Simultaneous Production and Functionalization of Boron Nitride Nanosheets by Sugar-Assisted Mechanochemical Exfoliation, Advanced Materials, 2019, 1804810.

(8). Tang, L.+; Teng, C. J.+; Luo, Y. T.; Khan, K.; Pan, H. Y.; Cai, Z. Y.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, B. L.*; Cheng, H. M.,* Confined van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of Two-Dimensional Large Single-Crystal In2Se3 for Flexible Broadband Photodetectors, Research, 2019, 2763704.

(9). Khan, U.; Luo, Y. T.; Tang, L.; Teng, C. J.; Liu, J. M.; Liu, B. L.*; Cheng, H. M.*, Controlled Vapor–Solid Deposition of Millimeter-Size Single Crystal 2D Bi2O2Se for High-Performance Phototransistors, Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, 1807979.

(10). Yu, Q. M.; Luo, Y. T.; Qiu, S.; Li, Q.; Cai, Z. Y.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Liu, J. M.; Sun, C. H.*; Liu, B. L.*, Tuning the Hydrogen Evolution Performance of Metallic 2D Tantalum Disulfide by Interfacial Engineering, ACS Nano, 2019, 13, 11874-11881.

Awards and Professional Service

  • The Excellent Young Scholar (基金委"优青"), NSFC, 2017
  • Excellent Teacher Award, Tsinghua-Berkley Shenzhen Institute, 清华-伯克利深圳学院, 优秀教师, 2019.
  • Tsinghua University "New Rising Star" Award, 清华大学"学术新人奖" (青年教师最高学术荣誉,全校每年10名), 2018.
  • Tsinghua University Junior Faculty Teaching Award (3rd class), 2018.
  • "2020 Young Innovator Award" (by the Journal Nano Research, "Based on outstanding contributions in the field of 2D Materials"), 2020.

Associate Editor: Nano Select (Wiley)
Associate Editor: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (NIMS, Japan)

Materials Chemistry (Fall semester)
Materials Characterization: Fundamental and new developments (Spring semester)

Liu's group is looking for Ph.D. and master students as well as postdoctoral associates who:
i). Highly motivated and enjoy scientific research.
ii). With background in one of the following fields, materials sciences, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering.
iii). Work in the growth of two-dimensional materials and their electronic, sensor, and energy-conversion related applications.

For more info, see Bilu Liu homepage (刘碧录老师课题组主页):