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E-mail : kongying@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn

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Office: D404, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

Dr. Kong Ying is a tenured professor at York University, Canada and a member of Shenzhen's leading talent program. At present, Dr. Kong is the Director of Faculty of Social Science and Management, the Director of Enterprise Innovation and Growth Research Institute, and the Director of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Research Center at Tsinghua University Shenzhen Campus. He is also the Director/Core PI of Low Carbon Economy and Financial Risk Analysis Lab and Faculty Director of Entrepreneur Education Centre at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute. Dr. Kong is also an expert of the Shenzhen City Decision-making Advisory Committee, a member of the Shenzhen Reform 30-member Forum, the Chairman of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities, the Chairman of the Global Alliance for Innovative Finance and Entrepreneurship Education, and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of World Economic Study. Dr. Kong has published books of “Managerial Economics” and “Business Game”. Dr. Kong had been working for HSBC Business School of Peking University as the Associate Dean, the former State Education Commission, and the Research Office of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the former State Science and Technology Commission. Dr. Kong is also an invited financial commentator on Phoenix TV's "Financial Intelligence Talent", "Weekly Finance" and "Policy and Business on State Affairs".

Research Expertise and Interest
Low carbon economy, Energy Environmental Economic Modeling and Simulation Prediction (CGE Model and Bottom-up Models), Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics
Research Description
Our laboratory focuses on low carbon economics related research, including the following aspects: 1. Construction of energy environmental economic analysis model and simulation prediction. Including top-down CGE models and bottom-up optimization models; 2, Carbon emission trading and accounting research; 3, Energy and environmental economics research; 4, Econometrics.

1994-2000       Ph.D., Department of Economics, Carleton University, Canada
1992-1994       MPA, School of Public Administration, Carleton University, Canada
1978-1982       BSc., Department of Physics, Peking University, China

Professional Experience
Academic Employment History
2014-Now    Professor, Director Faculty of Social Science and Management, Tsinghua University (Shenzhen)
2014-Now    PI and Director,Low Carbon Economy and Financial Risk Analysis Research Laboratory,Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
2009-2014   Professor, Associate Dean,HSBC School of Business, Peking University
2004-Now    Associate Professor (Tenured),Member of the Graduate Faculty, Department of Economics, York University
2004-2004   Associate Professor (Tenured),School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University
1999-2004   Associate Professor,School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University
2001-2003   Visiting Professor,Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Victoria
1997-1999   Lecturer, Department of Economics, Carleton University, Business/Administration Employment History
1999  Statistical Analyst and Business Advisor,Ontario Property Assessment Corporation
1998  Economic Analyst,Patented Medicine Price Review Board, Health Canada
1997  Economist and Statistical Analyst,Division of Investment and Capital Stock, Statistics Canada
1990-1992  Chief Coordinator,Office of High Technology Research and Development Program,State Science and Technology Commission of China
1988-1990  Policy Advisor,High Technology Industry Policy Group, CPC Central Committee,China
1982-1988  Policy Analyst and Project Coordinator,Department of Science and Technology, State Education Commission of China

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1.“How does Foreign Direct Investment Influence Carbon Emissions? —Based on the Empirical Analysis of Chinese Urban Data”(with Yang Zhou, Jintao Fu),Sustainability2018, 10, 2163
2.“How Are International Commodity Prices Affected by U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate”, (with Fangyuan Zhao),International Journal of Management and Applied Science,Vol. 3, 2017
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13.“Persistent Dumping, Competition and Welfare”,Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 12 (1), 2003, pp 19-37.
Articles in Refereed Proceedings
1.“A Game Theory Model of Inverse Pricing Strategy “InternationalConference on Policy Modeling, June, 2008, Berlin, Germany
2.“A Game Theory Model of Welfare Analysis for Price Change of Imports”, International Conference on Policy Modeling, 2006, Hong Kong, China
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Articles in Chinese Refereed Scholarly Publications
1. "Research on the Middle and Long-term Low Carbon Development Path of China's Transportation Sector" (with Junling Liu, Yihe Sun, Ke Wang and Ji Zou). Journal of Climate Change Research Progress, 2018, Vol. 14 Issue (5): 513-521
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Academic Books
1.Managerial Economics, Peking University Press, 2012
2.Business Game, Peking University Press, 2015
3.VC/PE Contracting (Chinese edition), collaborated with Professor Douglas Cumming, Peking University Press, forthcoming, 2016

2016-Now   Chairman, World Alliance of Low Carbon Cities
2012-2016   Shenzhen Municipal Government carbon trading specially invited Experts
2013  Academic Director (honorary) Green Economy Research Center of HSBC School of Business,Peking University, China
2010-Now   Expert Advisor Shenzhen Municipal Government Administration and Advisory Committee
2007  Atkinson Faculty Research Fellowship,York University
2005-2008University Merit Award (Four times) York University
2005  University Scholarly Merit Award Thompson Rivers University,
2005 School Research Excellence Award,School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University
2004 University Distinguished Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence,Thompson Rivers University

86000072  Advanced Management Economics(2015-2018 Fall)

Postdoctoral Researcher Position
A postdoctoral researcher position is currently open. The ideal candidate should have a doctorate in economics or management.Interested applicants please email a CV to kongying@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn.
Graduate Student Position
Applications are encouraged from students with an excellent educational background in economics, or mathematics, or optimization, or statistics, or computer science, and engineering.