Yinliang Xu 许银亮


E-mail : xu.yinliang@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn

Tel & Fax : 86-755-36881066

Title: Assistant Professor
Office:Tower C2, Room1502, Nanshan Intelligent Park 1001 Xueyuan Blvd

Dr. Yinliang Xu is an Assistant Professor with TBSI. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Control Science and Engineeringfrom Harbin Institute of Technology in 2007 and 2009, respectively, and the Ph.D. degrees inElectrical and Computer Engineering, New Mexico State University, USA. He was a Research Assistant at Siemens Corporate Research in 2011 and aResearch Associate, Penn State University in 2013. He was a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University during 2013-2014 and an adjunct faculty at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Carnegie Mellon University,Pittsburgh, PA, USA,during 2015-2018. He was an assistant professor at Sun Yat-sen University in 2013 and was promoted to associate professor in 2017. His research interests include power distribution systems, microgrids, renewable integration, virtual power plant, power system modeling, artificial intelligence,and distributed control and optimization. He is the Principal Investigator for a multitude of projects focused on these topics and funded by the National Science Foundation of China, China Southern power grid, Shenzhen science and Technology Innovation Committee, and Industry.

Research Interests

-Integrated energy systems, energy internet, multi-energy system optimization and control;
-Distributed control and optimization algorithm design and real-timeimplementation;
-Artificial intelligence in smart grids;
-Modeling and controlof smart grid with high penetration of renewable generations.

Research Description
Distributed Control and Optimization in Smart Grids
The ever-growing demand, rising penetration level of renewable generation, and increasing complexity of electric power systems, pose new challenges to control, operation, management and optimization of power grids. Conventional centralized control structure requires a complex communication network with two-way communication links and a powerful central controller to process large amount of data, which reduces overall system reliability and increases its sensitivity to failures, thus it may not be able to operate under the increased number of distributed renewable generation units. Prof. Xu’s group exploresdistributed control strategy that enables easier scalability, simpler communication network, faster distributed data processing, and can facilitate highly efficient information sharing and decision making. Distributed approach is a promising candidate to address the features of modern power grids by providing fast, flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)in Smart Grids
Power systems keep on increasing on the basis of geographical regions, assets additions, and introduction of new technologies in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. AI techniques have become popular for solving different problems in power systems like control, planning, scheduling, forecast, etc. These techniques can deal with difficult tasks faced by applications in modern large power systems with even more interconnections installed to meet the increasing load demand and intermittent renewable generation. Prof. Xu’s group focus on the research to perceive full advantages of upcoming AItechnology for improving the efficiency of electricity market investment, distributed control and optimization, efficient system modeling and analysis, particularly power systems with high penetration level of renewable energy resources.
Integrated Energy Systems/Energy Internet/Multi-Energy System Optimization and Control
Electricity, district heating/coolingsystems, natural gas, and electric vehiclesare predominantly planned and operated independently. However, it is increasingly recognized that integrated optimization and control of such systems at multiple spatio-temporal scales can bring significant socioeconomic, operational efficiency, and environmental benefits. Accordingly, the concept of the multi-energy system is gaining considerable attention, Prof. Xu’s group focus on uncovering fundamental gains and potential drawbacksthat emerge from the integrated operation of multiple systems; developing computationally affordable optimization and control methods that maximize the overall social welfare, while acknowledging intrinsic interdependencies and quality-of-service requirements for each provider.

Ph.D. in 
Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Mexico State University, USA, 1/2010~8/2013
M.S. in Control Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, 9/2007~12/2009
B.S. in Control Science and Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology, China, 9/2003~7/2007

Professional Experience
2017-present Assistant Professor, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), Shenzhen.
2015-2018 Adjunct Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
2017-2017 Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong, China,School of Electronics and Information Technology
2013-2017 Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong, China,SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering
2013-2014 Visiting Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
2013-2013 Research Associate,Penn State University, State College, PA.
2011-2011 Research Assistant, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ

Distributed Control and Optimization in Power Systems(2018Fall)
Power SystemsDynamics (2019Spring)
Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems (2019 Spring)

We are looking for Post Doctors, Ph. D. and Master students with self-motivation and strong interests in power and energy areas which include but NOT limited to:
-Mathematical modeling and optimization
-Power distribution system and microgrids
-Power system modeling, identification, dynamic/static stability, and control
-Big data and artificial intelligence
-Multi-energy system/ multi-energy router system/ energy internet
-Advanced distributed control and optimization techniques
-Electricity market, multi-energy market and economy

Preference will be given to those who have strong mathematical background, good programming skills and are familiar with one or more of the following tools: MATLAB/Simulink, C/C++ ,JAVA, PSCAD, DIgSILENT, OpenDSS, PSS/E, PSLF, MATPOWER, CPLEX, GAMS, AMPL.
Post Docs positions are available, please refer to:http://www.tbsi.edu.cn/index.php?s=/cms/list/27/typeid/191.html

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Before joining TBSI
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