Shmuel Oren


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B.Sc. (1965) Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude), Technion, Haifa, Israel.

M.Sc. (1969) Materials Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

M.S. (1972) Engineering Economic Systems Stanford University, Stanford, California.

Ph.D. (1972) Engineering Economic Systems, Stanford University, Stanford, California


2012-present Member of Market Surveillance Committee, California Independent System Operators.

1984-present Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, U.C. Berkeley.

1996-present Berkeley Site Director, Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)

1999 Visiting Professor, IIT, Madrid, Spain

1986-93 Chairman Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research U.C. Berkeley

1992 Visiting Professor, American University of Armenia, Yearvan, Armenia.

1985-86 Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel

1982-84 Associate Professor, U.C Berkeley

1980-82 Associate Professor, Engineering Economic Systems Stanford University, California.

1972-80 Consulting Professor, Engineering Economic Systems, Stanford University

1972-80 Research Scientist, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).


Published 119 Papers in Archival Journals, 77 Conference papers, 10 Book Chapter, 1 Edited Book

Products Closely Related to the Proposal

[1]Kamat, Rajnish and Shmuel S. Oren. "Exotic Options for Interruptible Electricity Supply Contracts" Journal of Operations Research Vol 50, No 5 (September-October) 2002 pp 835-850

[2]Sauma Enzo E. and Shmuel S. Oren., “Proactive Planning and Valuation of Transmission Investments in Restructured Electricity Markets”. Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol 30,(2006), pp. 261-290 [INFORMS Best 2008 Energy Paper Award]

[3]Yao, Jian, Ilan Adler and Shmuel Oren “Modeling and Computing Two-settlement Oligopolistic Equilibrium in Congested Electricity Networks, Operations Research, Vol. 56, No. 1, (2008), pp. 34-4 [INFORMS Best 2010 Energy Paper Award]

[4]Hedman, Kory W.,  Richard O’Neill, Emily Fisher, Shmuel Oren and Michael Ferris, “Co-Optimization of Generation Unit Commitment and Transmission Switching With N-1 Reliability”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol 25, No. 2, (2010) pp. 1052-1063. [IEEE PES PSACE SES 2012 Best Paper Award.]

[5]Papavasiliou Anthony and Shmuel Oren “Multiarea Stochastic Unit Commitment for High Wind Penetration in a Transmission Constrained Network”, Operations Research, Vol. 61, No. 3 (2013), pp. 578-592

[6]Margellos, Kostas and Shmuel Oren, “Capacity Controlled Demand Side Management: A Stochastic Pricing Analysis”, Accepted for Publication in IEEE PES Transactions (February 2015)

Other Significant Products

[1]Oren, Shmuel S. and Stephen A. Smith, "Critical Mass and Tariff Structure in Electronic Communications Markets," The Bell Journal of Economics, V. 12, No. 2 (1981), pp. 467-487.

[2]Oren, Shmuel S., Stephen A. Smith and Robert B. Wilson, "Capacity Pricing," Econometrica, V. 53, No. 3, (1985) pp. 545-567.

[3]Kamien, Morton I., Shmuel S. Oren and Yair Tauman, "Licensing of Cost Reducing Innovation," Journal of Mathematical Economics, V. 21 (1992), pp. 483-508.

[4]Wu, Felix, Pravin Variya, Pablo T. Spiller and Shmuel S. Oren, "Folk Theorems on Transmission Open Access: Proofs and Counter Examples", Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol. 10, (July 1996), pp. 5-23

[5]Papavasiliou Anthony, Shmuel Oren and Richard O’Neill, “Reserve Requirements for Wind Power Integration: A Scenario-Based Stochastic Programming Framework”, IEEE Transactions on Power System, Vol 26, No4 (2011), pp. 2197-2206


[1]Member of the California Independent System Operator Market Surveillance Committee (2012-present).

The Market Surveillance Committee is an independent body of highly skilled industry experts that provides comments, critiques and recommendations about the ISO market monitoring process (as described in the tariff) and a variety of market issues to the ISO Chief Executive Officer and Board of Governors. In addition, the Committee is required under the ISO tariff to review and comment on Department of Market Monitoring analyses and reports

[2]Advisory Board Member iPower Project at the Danish Technical University (2011-present).

The project is a collaboration of 29 partners, universities and research institutions as well as industrial companies from various countries. The focus on research and innovation for iPower is the shift from consumption-driven power generation to production-driven electricity. Increased flexibility in power consumption enables a consumption that follows the generation of wind energy and thus less need for investment in electric energy distribution.

[3]Adviser to the California Public Utility Commission - Energy Division (2007-2010).

Advising the commission staff and participated in stakeholders deliberations on the design of a market mechanism to ensure generation adequacy in the California energy market.

[4]Senior Adviser to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (2001-2009).

Provided advice to the commission staff on the design and market rules for the initial design of the Texas electricity market launched in 2001 and the subsequent market reform in 2004 that led to a market based on locational marginal prices

[5]One of the founders of PSERC NSF sponsored IUCRC and site director for the Berkeley PSERC site as well as leader of the market Stem from 1996 to present. The center has 35 industry and 13 university members with a total of over 100 university researchers and industry participants. As part of the centers activity supervised 31 PhD. theses by graduate students that are now prominent academic and industry leaders in the energy sector.

[6]Life Fellow IEEE and Fellow of INFORMS