After signing an agreement, THU and UC Berkeley launched their dual degree program in Fall of 2016. Students who meet the admissions requirements of THU and UC Berkeley have a chance to receive dual master's degrees from both THU (Data Science & Information Technology) and UC Berkeley (in Engineering Leadership) within two and a half to three years.

0812J3 Data Science and Information Technology


Research areas

·2a Sensors and Microsystems Laboratory

Sensor, measurement and control

·2b Nano-Devices Laboratory


·1c Smart Grid & Renewable Energy LaboratoryL-SGRE

Smart Grid and Renewable Energy

·1d Intelligent Transportation & Logistics Systems Laboratory (ITLS)

Industrial Engineering and Operational Research

Intelligent Transportation and Logistics  Systems

·1e Low Carbon Economy & Financial Risk Analysis Research Laboratory

Low Carbon Economy and Financial Risk Analysis Research

·2c Internet of Things & Societal Cyber Physical System Laboratory

Big data and artificial intelligence

·2f Smart Imaging Laboratory

·2d Future Internet Laboratory

·2e Big Data Research Laboratory

David Patterson RISC-V International Open Source Laboratory

Computer Systems