Our Programs


After signing an agreement, THU and UC Berkeley launched their dual degree program in Fall of 2016. Students who meet the admissions requirements of THU and UC Berkeley have a chance to receive dual master's degrees from both THU (Data Science & Information Technology) and UC Berkeley (in Engineering Leadership) within two and a half to three years.

0812J3 Data Science and Information Technology


Research areas

·2a Sensors and Microsystems Laboratory

Sensor, measurement and control

·2b Nano-Devices Laboratory


·1c Smart Grid & Renewable Energy LaboratoryL-SGRE

Smart Grid and Renewable Energy

·1d Intelligent Transportation & Logistics Systems Laboratory (ITLS)

Industrial Engineering and Operational Research

Intelligent Transportation and Logistics  Systems

·2c Internet of Things & Societal Cyber Physical System Laboratory

Big data and artificial intelligence

·2f Smart Imaging Laboratory

·2d Future Internet Laboratory

·2e Big Data Research Laboratory

David Patterson RISC-V International Open Source Laboratory

Computer Systems