How To Apply (For Applicants From Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)


Online Application

Submit Online application at the same time: and

* Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan applicants shall submit their applications accordingly as required in the 2021 Tsinghua University Admissions Guide and List of Graduate Programs for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Applicants.

Hard Copies of Application Documents (will not be returned)

    1) Application Form.

    2) the languages of both Chinese and English as separate files. (International applicants may only provide documents in English.)

    3) Two Letters of Reference. Referees shall hold a position as (or equivalent to) Associate Professor/Professor in relevant academic areas. A letter of reference shall include evaluations on applicants’ qualifications, potential to carry on advanced study in the field specified, and intellectual independence, as well as descriptions of significant actions, accomplishments, character and personal qualities related to scholarly achievement. Letters of reference must be submitted in envelopes signed and sealed by referees.

    4) Resume/Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement, Plan of Study in Official Transcripts. Transcripts must be submitted in an envelope sealed by the issuing college or university with a school stamp on the copies and across the envelope flap.

    5Copies of Diplomas and Awards/Certificates of MeritInternational applicants must provide verification of Bachelor and Master’s degrees.

    6) Documentary Evidence of English Proficiency (See details in Admission Requirements-English Language Proficiency)

    7publications (conference/journal papers) or other academic achievements, if applicable.

    8Please provide evidence of awards/significant actions/accomplishments relevant to scientific and technological activities both in and out of school, if applicable.

    9For Hong Kong/Macao applicants, please provide copies of either Permanent Identity Card of Hong Kong/Macao or Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents. For Taiwan Applicants, please provide copies of Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents.

*All kinds of certification shall be original documents or notarized copies in either Chinese or English. Original degree verification letters and transcripts must be submitted in an envelope sealed by the issuing college or university. Notarized copies must be submitted in an envelope sealed by the issuing notary departments. Original documents or notarized copies will not be returned and will be preserved as student records. New graduates can submit later original documents or notarized copies of degree certificates and transcripts upon registration. Candidates fail to provide qualified documents will not be officially admitted.

*TBSI Admissions Office will review all the original documents of application materials. TBSI reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any oral or written admission notification given to students who fail to provide original documents of application materials. Application documents will not be returned.

*Mailing address: Once your online application is submitted, please mail the hard copies of your application documents as early as possible to the following address: Admissions Office, 602 Information Building,Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518055.