Course Schedule and Registration Calendar of 2020-2021 Fall Semester


一、2020-2021秋季学期课表请见附件1和附件2 Please find the Curriculum Timetable of 2020-2021 Fall Semester as attached Excel 1 and Excel 2

Curriculum Table of 2020-2021 Fall Session-No venue

Track_Curriculum of Fall Semester 2020

TBSI所有课程的详细/简单介绍请见附件3和附件4 Please find the course introduction of all TBSI courses as attached two PDF files

TBSI Course Introduction_brief version 20200628

TBSI Course Introduction_detail version 20200613


Note: Class venue and format please pay attention to follow-up notice from Education Office later.


新开课程MC属性表 MC Attributions of New Courses

请注意:新开课只能在“非学位课”栏目选课,毕业学期将统一申请处理为学位课。New courses can only be registered via Non-degree course column for students of 2019 and before class, which can be changed to degree courses in the last semester.


如有选课问题,请咨询TBSI教学办 0755-8647932或

四、选课时间安排Registration Calendar:

2020-09-01(Tues.)13:00~ 2020-09-08(Tues.) 10:00
Prioritize the selected courses (except make-up courses).
Check the result of draw after  12:00, Sep.8.
Note: Only after doing personal curriculum, can graduates register courses.
正选Course Registration 2020-09-08(Tues.)13:00~ 2020-09-09 (Wed.)16:00 先到先得 First come, first served.
Add or drop courses
Stage I
2020-09-14 (Mon.)13:00 2020-09-21(Mon.) 8:00
所有课程均可选可删,先选先得,选满为止。 First come, first served,  until all spots are filled;
All courses can be canceled during the period.
Stage II
2020-09-21(Mon.) 13:00 2020-09-25 (Fri.) 16:00
不可选课,只允许删除已选课程,所删课程不记录在成绩单上。 No courses can be added, only dropping courses is allowed;
The deleted courses will not be listed on transcripts.
特殊原因补选课Add courses for special circumstances 2020-09-21(Mon.) 13:00 ~ 2020-09-25(Fri.) 17:00 提交《特殊原因补选课申请表》至TBSI教学办 Submit application form of adding courses for special circumstance to TBSI Education Office
退课阶段Withdraw Courses 2020-10-19(Mon.) 8:00 ~ 2020-10-23(Fri.) 16:00 所退课程在成绩单上记录“W”Withdrew)。后八周开课课程的退课“W”记录会在退课阶段结束后统一取消。 The dropped courses (except those begin from or after 9th academic week) will be marked with “W”Withdrewon transcript.
Stage II
2020-11-16 (Mon.) 8:00 2020-11-27 (Fri.) 16:00
前八周已结束的课程不可退课。后八周开课课程的退课“W”记录会在退课阶段结束后统一取消。 Students cannot drop: Courses finished in first 8 weeks;
Will not be marked “W”