Registration Notice for the Spring Semester of 2019 - 2020


Registration Notice forthe Spring Semester of 2019 - 2020

Time: 8:00 - 24:00, Feb 1, 2020-Feb16, 2020

Location: Self-service terminal, lobby at the first floor ofBuilding A, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Late registration: In case of specialcircumstances that students cannot register before deadline(Feb.16, 24:00),there will be a hold on IC card registration system. Students should requestlate registration from Education Office (Sam Gao, 21F, C3, Nanshan iPark) inadvance to make sure the hold is cleared for late registration. Then studentsmay use the Self-Service Terminal to complete registration.

Registration label: After successful registration, log in“Student Status Information” or“Tsinghua University Information Services” WeChat version (Note: Please use thecampus Wi-Fi environment)-"Learning and AcademicAffairs"-"Personal Information" to download and printthe "registered QR code label", then paste it on the correspondingsemester on student ID book.

Contact Tel.

Registration:0755-36881670        Tuition: 010-62788730, 0755-26036320

Important Notes

1. Studentsshould do registration in person during the appointed time. Anymisconduct in registration like doing register for other person may result inre-registration.

2. Students who were issued suspensionschooling should do re-admission before registration. Contacts forre-admission: Julie Liu, Education Office (21F, C3, Nanshan iPark).

4. If the student fails to ask for leaveof absence or the application is not approved, and the student fails toregister within two weeks after the deadline, the school registrationmanagement department will automatically withdraw from school.

5. Payment Instructions: Starting from this semester, TBSIstudents pay tuition fee to the Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS)account.

Graduate school,School Registration Center

SIGS AcademicAffairs Office,Finance Office

TBSI EducationOffice

18 December 2019