Call for TA for 2020 Spring Semester


TBSI would like to recruit Teaching Assistants for the courses in Spring Semester of 2019-2020, which are open for all students. Application deadline is Jan 3.

(一)Application conditions

1. Applicants need to have taken similar courses.

2. Applicants need to meet the relevant provisions of the implementing rules for graduate assistants, assisting research and management positions in Tsinghua University.

3. Applicants need to submit a teaching assistant application form, with the consent of the instructor and advisor.

4. Senior masters and doctoral candidates with relevant knowledge background are preferred.

5. After the training at the beginning of the semester can be formally mount guard.

6. There is no need of TA for the course with less than 5 students registered unless the instructor has special requirement.

(二)TA Positions


    1)Offline: Please submit the print-out application form to Ms. Huang, TBSI Education Office, C3-21 Floor.

    2)  Online: Submit the application form through the following link:

(四)Assistantship allowance:See the attachedTBSI TA management


1、TBSI助教申请表TBSI TA Application Form

2、TBSI助教职责实施细则 Regulations on Responsibilities for TA

3、清华-伯克利深圳学院助教管理办法TBSI TA Management