Registration Schedule of 2019-2020 Spring Semester

December 04 2019

一、课表Curriculum Table please download: TBSI 2019-2020春季课表 TBSI Curriculum for 2019-2020 Spring Semester

二、选课安排Course registration schedule

2019-12-17 (Tue.) 13:00 ~ 2019-12-20 (Fri.) 11:00 Prioritize the selected courses (except make-up courses). Check the result of draw after 12:00, Dec. 20.
Course Registration
2019-12-20 (Fri.) 13:00 ~ 2019-12-23 (Mon.) 16:00 First come, first served. No more applicants will be accepted when course capacity is up to the maximum
Add or drop courses
Adjustment stage I
2020-02-17 (Mon.) 13:00 ~ 2020-02-24 (Mon.) 8:00
First come, first served, until all spots are filled; All courses can be canceled during the period. The deleted courses will not be listed on transcripts.
Adjustment stage II
2020-02-24 (Mon.) 13:00 ~ 2020-02-28 (Fri.) 16:00
No courses can be added, only dropping courses is allowed; The deleted courses will not be listed on transcripts.
Add course for special circumstance
2020-02-24 (Mon.) 13:00 ~ 2020-02-28 (Fri.) 17:00 Fill the application form and submit it to Education Office
Withdraw Courses
Stage I 
2020-03-23 (Mon.) 8:00 ~ 2020-03-27(Fri.) 16:00
The dropped courses (except those begin from or after 9th academic week) will be marked with “W”(Withdrew)on transcript.
Students cannot drop: Courses finished in first 8 weeks;
Stage II 
2020-04-20 (Mon.) 8:00 ~ 2020-05-05 (Tue.) 8:00

三、新开课程M/C属性表 Aattributes of new opened courses: Register from Non-degree courses pool.

课程Course Title Course No. Credit Center 1 Center 2 Center 3
D1T1 D1T2 D1T3 D2T1 D2T2 D2T3 D3T1 D3T2 D3T3
Thermal Physics and Engineering热物理学与工程 86000023 3 M C C M C C M C C
Bayesian Learning and Data Analysis贝叶斯学习与数据分析 86000912 2 C C C M M M C C C
Random Processes随机过程 76000113 3 C M C M M M C M C
Advanced Signal Processing: Methods and Practice高级信号处理:方法与实践 86000923 3 C M C M M M C M C
The molecular basis of cancer 癌症的分子学基础 76000123 3 C C M C C M M M M
Experimental biology 实验生物学 86000903 3 C C M C C M C C M
Introduction to Quantum Chemistry: Theory and Application量子化学简介:理论与应用 86000883 3 M C C M C C C C C
Environmental Monitoring and Analysis 环境污染物监测与分析 86000873 3 M C C M C C M C C
Partial Differential Equations for Practical Applications in Engineering 数理方程在工程科学中的实践应用 86000773 3 M C C M C C M C C