Doctoral Education

Curriculum & Sessions
This Ph.D. program is applicable for all doctoral students (including the international and those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) enrolled in Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) in any of the following areas: Environment Science and New Energy Technology, Data Science and Information Technology, Precision Medicine and Healthcare.
Cultivate doctoral students to be academic leaders and future industry scientists.
Normative Time is the elapsed time, calculated to the nearest semester, which students would need to complete all requirements for the doctorate, assuming that they are engaged in full-time study and making adequate progress toward their degrees. Normative Times for doctoral programs have been recommended by TBSI faculty and approved by the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC). The typical Normative Time is 4 to 5 years for doctoral students without Master’s degrees and 3 to 4 years for those with Master’s degrees.
Work Plan
Within the first three weeks, all Ph.D. students need to complete the work plan for the curriculum advised and approved by the Advisor group and submit to the Graduate Office. During the registration of each semester, students can modify their work plan after approval from Advisor group and submit to the Graduate Office.
Preliminary Requirement (Prelim)
All Ph.D. students are expected to take and pass TBSI preliminary examination within 2 years after admission. The exam will be in a form of interview and an exam committee that consists of TBSI core-PIs will evaluate students’ level of mastery of professional knowledge required for academic research in specific areas. The Qualifying Examination may not be taken and application for study at UC Berkeley shall not be submitted until the "pass" for the Preliminary Requirement is issued.
Qualifying Examination (Quals) and Progress to Date
The Qualifying Examination is an important checkpoint meant to show that students are on a promising research track toward the Ph.D. degree. The Qualifying Examination includes the presentation and defense of a thesis proposal. The Quals Exam Committee formed by four faculty members in the specific Research Center shall not only evaluate the student's thesis proposal but also his/her progress to date. The student needs to submit a write-up Quals report at the same time.
Quals Deadlines: The Qualifying Examination must be taken within 6 semesters of starting the program and two years before the final defense.
Dissertation and Final Defense
Students shall spend a minimum of two years of actual research on their doctoral dissertation. Doctoral dissertation shall be written in English.
Dissertation review: The dissertation should be reviewed by the Advisor group firstly and then peer-reviewed by at least two other faculties or industrial experts (from home and abroad respectively). Only being approved by the AAC, industrial expert(s) are eligible to serve as dissertation reviewer.
After dissertation review, a doctoral candidate needs to apply, schedule and give a final defense to his/her dissertation.
After passing the final defense, a doctoral candidate can submit his/her Ph.D. degree application to the AAC.
Curriculum & Sessions
All doctoral students will be advised by Advisor group formed by the professors from Tsinghua University, UC Berkeley, and TBSI full-time faculty members. After the completion of the program requirements and approval from the AAC, doctoral students will be awarded by interdisciplinary doctoral diploma from Tsinghua University and study certificate from UC Berkeley.