Reference list and application notice for the Prelim Exam (October, 2019 )

September 10 2019

(一)Reference List: Reference list for the Prelim Exam 201910

(二)Application Entrance:, please submit the application before Sep. 22.

(三)Application Notice:

Please download the file of Prelim Exam  Rules and Regulations on TBSI website:

The exam will be conducted at late October and  the specific exam time will be announced later.

According to TBSI Preliminary Examination (Prelim) regulations, PhD students are required to take Prelim in both major and minor research fields to complete their doctoral studies. To reinforce students’ academic knowledge of his/her own field as well as broaden students’ interdisciplinary ability, the following rules are applied on the minor selection:

Center 1:

(1) Students of 1a and 1f lab can not take each other’s  lab as minor.

(2) Students of 1e lab can only take 1b\1c\1d\2c\2d\2e lab as minor.

Center 2:

Students of 2a and 2b lab can not take each other’s  lab as minor.

Center 3:

No restriction

Kind reminder: One cannot choose two labs that combined together as one research area to conduct the exam simultaneously as major and minor fields.