Registration Schedule of 2019-2020 Fall Semester

August 28 2019

2019-09-2 (Mon.) 13:00  2019-09-8 (Sun.) 16:00
Prioritize the selected courses (except make-up courses).
Check the result of draw after 18:00, Sep 8.
Add or drop courses
Stage I
2019-09-11 (Wed.) 13:00  2019-09-16 (Tue.) 8:00
First come, first served,  until all spots are filled;
All courses can be canceled during the period.
Stage II      
 2019-09-16 (Tue.) 13:00  2019-09-20 (Fri.) 16:00
No courses can be added, only dropping courses is allowed;
The deleted courses will not be listed on transcripts.
退课阶段Withdraw Courses  Stage I   
2019-10-14 (Mon.) 8:00  2019-10-18 (Fri.) 16:00
The dropped courses (except those begin from or after 9th academic week) will be marked with “W”Withdrewon transcript.
Stage II  
2019-11-11 (Mon.) 8:00  2019-11-22 (Fri.) 16:00
Students cannot drop: Courses finished in first 8 weeks;
Will not be marked “W”