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TBSI Greater Bay Area Intellectual Forum Lecture 84丨Research Seminar【Nanshan i-Park】

  1. 报告主题:Research on Indicator Analysis Platform of Children’s Big Data: Exploration and Practice from China
  2. 报告人:Dr. Angela Gu
  3. 主持:

Notice: This lecture is a research seminar for credit.



Jan 15, 2019 15:00-16:30



Dr. Gu takes the practice of Guiyang, China as an example, and explores the significance of children's big data indicator analysis platform for the construction of child-friendly city. In addition, she tries to sort out the catalogue of big data resources in Guiyang, China from Guiyang Civil Affairs Bureau, Guiyang Education Bureau, Guiyang Health and Family Planning Commission, Guiyang  Public Security Bureau, Guiyang Transportation Bureau, Guiyang Finance Committee, Guiyang Health and Care Bureau of Human Resources, Guiyang  Recreation and Tourist Administration and Guiyang Disabled Persons' Federation(DPF), to collect data on children’s health, education, welfare, safety,rights protection and environment. The cloud computing and big data infrastructure platform can be developed from data cleaning, data masking, data analysis and mining, modeling, and other technologies of big data. Supporting on data, policy making and decision-making reference will be provided by the platform from data mining and data visualization (including dashboards, analysis reports, reports, map display, etc.), for the child-friendly city. From open sources, new products towards the municipal government, enterprises, the public and children on big data and Artificial Intelligent related to areas like children’s health, education, welfare, safety, rights protection and environment will be created to improve and assist the development and construction of child-friendly city .

Speaker's Bio


Dr. Gu: Doctor of management from Renmin university of China; Senior economist and Senior data analyst; CEPAR visiting scholar of School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley, and University of New South Wales, Australia; Postdoctoral fellow, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley; Current executive director of Guizhou Berkeley Big Data Innovation Research Center(GBIC) and director of Guizhou Provincial Engineering Research Center for Livelihood Big Data Comprehensive Application. Her research area are social security, big data and public governance. She has presided over a number of provincial and ministerial key subjects and scientific research support plans, and she is good at interdisciplinary research.



Professors and students of TBSI are welcome to attend. The lecture is also open to the public. For off-campus personnel, please scan the QR code and and fill in your information (name, company, contact number, ID number). The language of the lecture is English.