Guodan Wei

Assistant Professor

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Tel & Fax : 0755-36881646

Office: I-park C2-702
Phone: 0755-36881646


Dr. Wei is currently a full time PI at Nano Energy Materials Lab (NEM) of TBSI. Her main research area has been focus on energy storage、organic/inorganic optoelectronics including solar cells, LEDs and photodetectors, et al. Up to now, she has published more than 23 papers in peer reviewed journals such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, ACS Nano, Nano Letter. These papers have been cited for more than 1600 times through SCI with H-index as high as 15.

Research Interests:
· Flexible supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries
· Hybrid quantum dot photodetectors
· Perovskite solar cells
· LED white light
· Quantum dot LEDs

Ph.D. in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 2006-2012
M.S.E. in Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, 2004-2006
M.S.E. in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2001-2004

B.S.E in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 1997-2001

Professional Experience
2016-2017,Technology Marketing Manager, Kateeva
2011-2016, Sr. Process Engineer, Applied Materials

1.Guodan Wei, Siyi Wang, Xin Xiao,C. Kyle Renshaw, Lincoln Hall, Vyacheslav V. Diev, Mark E. Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest, Functionalized Squaraine Donors for Nanocrystalline Organic Photovoltaics, ACS Nano, 6(1), 972, (2012).
2.Xin Xiao, Guodan Wei, Siyi Wang, Jeramy D. Zimmerman, Christopher K. Renshaw, Small-molecule photovoltaics based functionalized squaraine donor blends, Advanced Materials, 24(15), 1956(2012).
3.Guodan Wei, Siyi Wang, Kai Sun, Mark E. Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest, Solvent-Annealed Crystalline Squaraine: PC70BM (1:6) Solar Cells, Advanced Energy Materials, 1(2), 184-187(2011).
4.Guodan Wei, Xin Xiao, Siyi Wang, Jeramy D. Zimmerman, Kai Sun, Vyacheslav V. Diev, Mark E. Thompson, and Stephen R. Forrest, Arylamine-Based Squaraine Donors for Use in Organic Solar Cells, Nano letters, 11(10), 4261-4264(2011).
5.Guodan Wei, Richard R. Lunt, Sun Kai, Siyi Wang, Mark E. Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest, Efficient, Ordered bulk heterojunction nanocrystalline solar cells by annealing of ultrathin squaraine thin films, Nano Letters, 10(9), 3555, (2010).
6.Guodan Wei, Siyi Wang, C. Kyle Renshaw, Mark E. Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest, Solution processed squaraine bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells, ACS Nano, 4(4), 1927, (2010)
7.Guodan Wei, Kuen-Tsing Shiu, N. Chris Giebink, Stephen R. Forrest, Thermodynamic limits of quantum photovoltaic cell efficiency, Applied Physics Letters, 91(22): 223507, (2007).
8.Guodan Wei, Stephen R. Forrest, Intermediate-band solar cells employing quantum dots embedded in an energy fence barrier, Nano Letters, 7 (1): 218-222, (2007).

Semiconductor Physics and devices, Spring Semester
Introduction of physics chemistry disciplines, Fall Semester
Materials and Devices for Energy Storage and Conversion, Fall Semester

Prof. Wei’s group is actively looking for talented and dedicate master and PhD students as well as postdoctoral associates who
a.with great passion for fundamental science and new technology
b.with background and experiences on synthetic organic chemistry is highly preferred
c.with background on materials science, solid state physics, chemistry and electrical engineering