Shaohua Ma

Assistant Professor

E-mail :

Tel & Fax : Tel & Fax: 0755-36882005

Research area: Biofabrication, Regenerative medicine, Point-of-care diagnosis
Research expertise:
1. Microfluidics
2. 3D bioprinting
3. Tissue engineering
4. Biomaterials

Description of research:
Professor Shaohua Ma has interests mainly in the interface of science and engineering, by innovating engineering techniques, including microfluidics, 3D bioprinting and micro-/nano-fabrications, towards translational developments in precision and regenerative medicine. Research focuses include fabrication of in vitro tissue / organ models for drug development, organ repair and organ transplantation, organ-on-a-chip, early detection of circulating tumour cells by using microfluidics, etc.

Courses to be offered: Introduction to mechanobiology, 32 credit hours

Education background:
2013,UK,University of Cambridge,Department of Chemistry,PhD
2010,UK,University of Cambridge,Department of Chemistry,MPhil
2009,China,Sun Yat-sen University, Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering, BEng

Professional experiences:
2013-2017,UK,University of Oxford,Department of Chemistry,Postdoctoral research associate
2012-2013,UK,University College London,Department of Mechanical Engineering,Research associate


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1. H. Bayley, S. Ma, PCT/G B2017/051598, pending.

Laboratory recruitment:
The laboratory always recruits postdoctors and research assistants with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry and biology (such as stem cells, iPSCs and Cancer research).