TBSI 2023年4月博士资格考试报名通知 The Notice on Registration of TBSI Preliminary Examination (Prelim) - April 2023


1. 20234Prelim考试参考书目请见文末附件4

Please find the Reference Book List in the Attachment 4 as for the Preliminary Examination in April 2023.


2. 报名链接:https://jinshuju.net/f/oEmWfs, 请在北京时间2023316日中午12点前完成报名。

Registration link: https://jinshuju.net/f/oEmWfs, please register before 12:00pm, March 16 (BJT).


3. 报名须知:

1) Prelim 考试实施细则请见文末附件12 (cn & en ver.)

2) 本次考试时间预计为4月中下旬,具体由各实验室(研究领域)确定。

3) 根据我院现行博士生资格考试(Prelim)规定,学生需选择参加本领域(major)和非本领域(minor)的考试,使得不同背景的学生在基础知识层面上能够填平补齐,具有从事本学科前沿科研工作所需的扎实知识基础和对相关跨学科领域的必要掌握。


1) Please find the Rules and Instructions in the Attachment 1 & 2 (cn & en ver.).

2) The Prelim exam will be in mid to late April, 2023.

3) According to TBSI Preliminary Examination (Prelim) regulations, Ph.D. students are required to take Prelim in both major and minor research fields to complete their doctoral studies. To reinforce students’ academic knowledge of his/her own field as well as broaden students’ interdisciplinary ability, the following rules are applied on the minor selection:


3.1 中心一 Center One

1) 导师在纳米能源材料(1a)与低维材料与器件、先进储能材料与器件方向(1f)的学生互为限选;

2) 导师在低碳经济与金融风险分析研究方向(1e)的学生只能在环境科学与技术、智能电网与可再生能源、智能交通与物流系统、大数据 与运筹学、大数据与智能交通、物联网,智慧感知与协同、大数据,人工智能与深度学习理论、未来互联网与人工智能、大数据方向( 1b 1c 1d 2c 2d 2e )范围内选择;

3) 报考1b实验室minor的学生须选修1b实验室开设的课程。

(1) Students’ major research area in Nano Energy Materials (1a) cannot choose either Low-Dimensional Materials and Devices or Advanced energy storage materials and devices (1f) as their minors.

    (2) Students’ major research area in Future Internet and Artificial Intelligence (1e), can only take the following areas (1b 1c 1d 2c 2d 2e) : 1) Environmental Science and Technology, 2) Smart Grid and Renewable Energy,  3) Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Systems, 4) Big Data and Operations Research, 5) Big Data and Intelligent Transportation, 6) Internet of Things, Intelligent Sensing and Coordinated Actuation, 7) Big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning theory, 8) Future Internet and Artificial Intelligence, 9) Big Data Research as minor.

(3) Students enrolled in 1b lab minor are required to take courses offered by 1b lab.


3.2 中心二 Center Two:

(1) 导师在传感器与微系统(2a)和纳米器件与材料、纳米器件、光电集成及其 通信传感应用方向(2b)的学生互为限选。

(1) Students’ major research area in Sensors and Microsystems (2a) cannot choose either Nano Devices and Materials or Nano-Devices, or Integrated Photonics and Their Applications for Communications and Sensing (2b) as their minors.


3.3 中心三 Center Three:

(1) 报考癌症生物标记、诊断和治疗实验室/肿瘤治疗研究实验室(3b/3fminor的中心一和中心二学生须选修3b/3f实验室开设的课程

(1) Students from center 1 and center 2 enrolled in Cancer Biomarkers, Therapeutics and Theranostics Lab/Oncotherapeutics Lab (3b/3f) minor are required to take courses offered by 3b/3f lab.


其他 Others:


If two or more labs combines as one area to hold the exam, students cannot register those labs to take both major and minor.


1.Preliminary Examination_Rev 2020.pdf

2.TBSI 博士资格考试_2020修订.pdf

3.Restrictions of Prelim Examination application.pdf

4.Reference Book List.xlsx